Discover and Live the Great Man Within You

On paper, a good man has a lot to be desired. In the world, he is generally respected by those around him…. But he can’t shake the feeling he’s unfulfilled by the life he’s created for himself. A Great Man lives a deeply meaningful life of his own design. He is in passionate pursuit of his Purpose and is admired by those around him. Learn the 7 key distinctions between a good and Great Man, so you can discover and live the Great Man Within You.

The Unspoken Realities of Menʼs Inner Lives

An honest and compassionate exploration of the undiscussed worlds of men’s mental and emotional lives, as well as what men hide from women (and why).

The New Rules of Masculine Leadership

Learn the emerging art of conscious, powerful, and feminine-honoring leadership that gets results in the boardroom (and passion in the bedroom).

The Way of the Mentally Tougher Man

5 non-obvious practices that mentally tough men make habit in order to thrive no matter how challenging the environment.

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