The Digital Mastermind


Welcome to the global community of men working to become the best version of themselves as leaders, fathers and men.

Good Man
Protects what he has
Willing to make incremental change
Is the highest performer among the people around him
Has a sharpened mind
Thrives on his own
Surrounds himself with people like him
Suppresses anger so it doesn't detonate on others (but he detonates internally)
Is respected
Great Man
Pursues his ultimate potential
Willing to change everything in his life in pursuit of his Purpose
Surrounds himself with other inspiring Great Men
Has an open heart
Thrives with other Great Men
Surrounds himself with people who can teach him something
Feels, harnesses and expresses his anger from a resourceful place, allowing him to lead with power
Is admired

Demand More from Your Life

Stop settling for what life is giving you.

  • Demand to live life on your terms.
  • Demand to feel a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment…daily.
  • Demand to live a life of prosperity and growth.
  • Demand to surround yourself with people who demand the best of you.
  • Demand to feel the fire in your belly on a daily basis…and act from that place.
  • Demand to create a future that you can’t wait to live into



Instead of looking at how to become someone else, it’s a matter of how to reveal
the best person you can be. And I thought that was extremely powerful and
much more likely to be implemented. I’m looking forward to continuing
down this path.
B. Reid

End False Starts

Stop drifting and take command of your life.

  • Trying to make change in your life…only to revert back to old form?
  • Starting things with enthusiasm…only to lose interest and give up?
  • Beating yourself up for not having the discipline or willpower to follow through?

You’re not alone.
This is your home for support, structure and accountability…
…so you can make that sustained change you’ve been seeking.

Identify Your Path

Are you one of us?

  • You want to discover and live The Great Man Within them
  • You want to stop drifting and live a life of their own design
  • You want consistent and committed personal growth
  • You want sustained execution on the most important changes in your life
  • You want structure and accountability
  • You want to optimize your daily habits
  • You are ready to invest in yourself

Mastermind members include men from various professions, backgrounds, and beliefs.

The Great Man Digital Mastermind is a home for men to do inner work together to:

  • Break lifelong limiting patterns and belief systems
  • Rewrite the narratives of your life that have kept you playing small
  • Forge deep, trusting bonds with other men
  • Go through life feeling supported and courageous
  • Feel like you’ve “found your tribe”

Personal development on your own is slow, shallow and incomplete.

You Don’t Need More Content…You Need More Community

Stop lone-wolfing your life.

How many more books do you need to read…
How many more podcasts do you need to listen to…
How many more experts do you need to follow…

…until you realize that you’re seeking something far deeper than even the most beautifully delivered piece of content could ever provide you: CONNECTION.

Connection comes through COMMUNITY.

Mastermind Details

The Great Man Digital Mastermind is a monthly paid membership community.

  • World Class Training
  • Accountability Groups
  • Community
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: The Great Man Mastermind Core Curriculum Course for free.

World Class Training

Every month has two live discussions hosted by Dominick:

  1. A live 90-minute immersive workshop carrying a specific theme for the month (purpose, masculinity,
    habits, courage, anger, simplifying your life etc)
  2. A live 60-minute “office hours” forum for Q&A and community building

Accountability Groups

You have the option to join a small accountability group to execute on the changes in your life.


Online community forum – via Mighty Networks – for interacting with the men of The Great Man Digital Mastermind.

Dedicated WhatsApp Group for Daily Connectivity

  • Stop lone wolfing, and have your community at your fingertips
  • Reach out with wins, losses, and support
  • Communicate in confidence, and safety


For a limited time, we are including The Great Man Mastermind Core Curriculum Course for free.

These are the absolute essential foundational building blocks of our Great Man Digital Mastermind Community, such as:

  • How to Discover and Live the Great Man Within You
  • How to Stop Drifting in Life
  • How to Define What it Means to You to “Be a Man”
  • How to Build a Burning Desire for Change
  • The 3 Principles of Becoming a Great Man
  • How to Build Emotional Fluency
  • How to Surround Yourself With Other Great Man

The program includes:
• 15-module video training course delivered by me
• 3+ hours of training that you can access at your own pace
• Downloadable guided meditations
• Downloadable breathwork practices
• Downloadable PDFs and worksheets to execute
• Journal Prompts

This program alone is $497 of value…
…yours for free with your enrollment in the Great Man Digital Mastermind.

The Investment

We take your time and investment seriously, which is why we have individual calls with every man prior to accepting them into the Digital Mastermind. For our brothers who are serious about doing the work, you can access The Great Man Digital Mastermind for:

$5,000 for 1 year

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